I scored 596 at Scrabble, so why does it depress me?

Last night I played the MSG at Scrabble – normally it’s ferociously competitive, but last night I was on a flyer. I scored a mammoth 596; vastly eclipsing my best ever previous score of 481. During the game I got four seven-letter words and consistently scored well. The MSG didn’t score as highly as normal, but with 293 it still meant our highest combined score together. Now you must understand, we love our Scrabble and even have a travel set to take with us on holidays.

The problem was, this was the type of score I’ve always wanted, but it was actually too big. Had I scored 503 or something like that, it would’ve been great and a new target to aim at, yet this new score is so vastly out of proportion to what I normally do, it left me feeling depressed. The problem is I don’t think it’s a tangible target to beat, it was just a superb combination of letters and board placement; and now that’s it, I don’t think I will ever score that highly again and sadly that leaves Scrabble losing some of its muster (similar to when the site hit 1,000,000 on the email.)

Ah well, hopefully the competition with the MSG will keep me going.

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