A Scooter, a MoneySaving Jacket and a Bank Manager in a Side Car.

What a strange morning; I’ve just been driving round central London on a moped wearing a Money Saving Expert banner next to another moped, this one complete with a sidecar and an actor dressed as a bank manager in a bowler hat.

It’s all because while PPI reclaiming is a very sexy story, it’s not a very visual one. And as I call loan insurance ‘sidecar profiteering’ the nifty producer Gregor decided to theme the film around this. When the programme is on next Friday (26th 8pm ITV Tonight) you’ll probably get about 45s in total of me on the bike; yet this morning I drove around for two hours following a truck with the camera crew on the back getting some very strange looks.

Thought you’d like to see some sneak preview pics:


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PS: Hello to the chap who shouted “Alright Martin” as soon as he saw the jacket from behind. It gave me a big smile as he hadn’t seen my face. Recently I finally got the trademark ‘Money Saving Expert’; and it’s good to know that when people see it they think of me and the site.