The money godfather. Babies, babies, everywhere!

Last weekend the MSG and I went to visit two pairs of our good friends who’ve both just had their first babies, and I wanted to note down a quick hello and congratulations. First Geoff and Leonie, who are rightly cooing over lovely little Ruby born about four weeks ago; and Ceri and Mark who had gorgeous Eve a fortnight ago.

We spent the weekend holding the babies; and no, I’m not going to say whether I’m getting clucky. I was almost moved to tears when Ceri, (those in the BBC South East region may know her as she presents the breakfast news there) who’s been one of my best friends since we met at journalism school ten years ago, asked me to be Eve’s godfather.

When I asked what the job entailed the answer from hubby Mark was succinct: be there for her with advice as she grows up, and intercede with her parents if she has rows when she’s a teenager. I must admit it’s tough to imagine the tiny little bundle she is now throwing a strop in future, but I shall do my best. Of course they also said: “and when she needs advice over money….”

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