Just met our Debt Dieter Champion!

The winner of the Debt Dieter contest has just been in the office to have photos taken with me, as the story is going to go in a national newspaper. As such I don’t want to give too much away. Yet I just wanted to say the real joy is not just that she’s reduced her debts by a huge amount in a tiny space of time, but that she has also helped everybody she knows to save money. Where she works over 20 people have got their bank charges back with her help, and she’s a great evangelist for MoneySaving.

When I sit here in MoneySaving towers it’s easy to see the concepts we work on in the abstract; more as theoretical challenges to save money, forgetting the massive practical impact it has. While I read about people’s huge savings on the forums, to meet and chat with someone who’s been through the process and had real life change from it is really invigorating.

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