Now, the MSG and I are very very partial to a game of Scrabble. We have large and travel boards, and large and travel dictionaries so we can play when we’re out. Then yesterday….. we bought SUPER SCRABBLE! It’s a new huge board that includes “quadruple word scores”; sadly filming duty and more has stopped us playing yet (I really must change my priorities!), but tonight may be the night.

I’ve had a quick look at the board – there are more high-scoring squares on it, and they’re closer together. This is good, I’ve only rarely managed a double-double word score before, but it looks easier on this. In a way I know it’s not purist but what can you do? (Scrabble Blitz isn’t a purists game either). One problem for a super-competitive numbers man like me though, is what score should I be aiming for in Super Scrabble; what’s a good score? As a basis – my highest ever Scrabble score is 510, and a usual score for me (and for the MSG) is about 380 – 430; can anyone translate this to a Super Scrabble score for me?

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