I admit it. I’m addicted. It’s a US website and it’s not healthy!

There’s a new thing in my life and I don’t think it’s healthy. Worse still, I have been guilty of introducing my girlfriend and one of my best mates to it and now they’re similarly addicted to. It’s called Scrabble Blitz.

In essence it’s a four minute speed scrabble game on a US website. Now while you may be chortling and thinking it is innocuous, don’t! It creeps up and takes hours of your time in a single sitting. It starts to draw all your brain power to it. You start to dream of combinations (genuinely this has happened to me) and you start to learn that while Zee is a word, if you’ve put it down you can add an M to the beginning to make Mzee, and then you begin to follow this strategy.

Even my poor friend Justin, not even a Scrabble player, moved straight onto the hard stuff when I mentioned it (he has since managed to quit, but not without more will power than either I or the MSG have). So be warned, Scrabble Blitz is a danger. Stay clear of the American site Scrabulous which is the main dealer!

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