Downloading my friend’s wedding photos cost me £100!

I tend to practice what I preach, so it’s rare I get a bad deal. Yet early last month, I went to Malaga for 36 hours of filming for GM-TV. While there I had to download my emails as I needed to read some urgently for my columns and the site. Unfortunately with time short, no wireless and no internet connection in the hotel, I was left using the 3G card for my laptop. I knew it’d be pricey – probably about £40 – but sadly I had no choice.

Little did I suspect that my friend had sent me four lots of wedding photos from a do we’d all been to the previous weekend. These massive files were downloaded, as without downloading them I couldn’t get to the rest of my emails and time was precious. The cost of those photo downloads…£100, I’ve just got the bill. And I still haven’t time to look at them!

Martin Lewis
Annoyed Money Spending Expert!

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