The dirty little secret about the video on the front page

By now you may’ve seen the what’s it all about video (below) on the new look homepage. The video’s been around about 18 months, but now I’ve increased its prominence as it seems a really good way to explain the attitude of the site (eagle eyed viewers will note that at the end it’s the old website that’s pictured, although that’s being changed soon.

So what’s the secret? Well, when I filmed it, it wasn’t actually for at all. A TV company came to me to discuss making a show, we came up with a concept and they wanted to make a video to show in the pitch to the commissioners. So they arranged permission to film at the shopping centre in Shepherds Bush that’s near MSE Towers. I went across and they said “tell us about MoneySaving and what it means” – I did it in one long 2 minute piece to which the reply was “great lets split it into four shots”.

So I redid it split into four, the result of which is what you see now. At the end I finished by saying “it’s Consumer Guerilla” – the name of the proposed programme. Once in the edit suite I thought it was a nice little video for just a few minutes of filming work and cheekily asked if they’d mind if I voiced over the end with “it’s” in case the programme wasn’t commissioned, as the vid fit the site so well.

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