Teen Cash Class: Tonight With Trevor. There is hope.

UPDATE 2 Nov 2007. Now also read the Teen Cash Class Guide, a 40 page PDF all about teaching yourself or your kids about money.

I’m just heading back from a hard, but really enjoyable days filming. I’m doing a ‘Teen Cash Class’ for ITV1 Tonight. I’ve spent the day at St. Simon Stock School in Maidstone with a class of year 10s (15 year olds) with one day to turn them into Money Saving Experts. It was quite nerve racking for me, I’ve never taught a class before, so I had to hope my usual presentation style translated well to teaching. The real joy of it was that the class was so attentive and they sucked up the info like sponges – far more than any of the adult classes I’ve done on different subjects for Tonight before.

The highlight for me was explaining how debts work and how credit card companies target us to get our money. Showing them minimum repayments, long term interest rates and then a challenge to find the best credit card over lunch. It was a joy to come back and see them studying the nitty gritty of the credit card leaflets; how many people have actually sat down and compared cards, terms and offers. If everyone had, we’d be a much less indebted nation.

I’m not going to give too much away; as it’s unfair on the programme makers. Yet I think (it depends on how it looks in edit) it’s going to be a great watch (on July 13).

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