Cheapest Travel Money: I got so fed up of explaining it, I built a tool.

Well it’s not quite “I liked it so much, I bought the company” but in my own small way I’m very happy with the new Cheap Travel Money tool we’ve launched today. The problem with travel money has always been that there are a myriad of charges which confuse the actual rate. Many people think “commission free” makes it cheap. It doesn’t. All it means is you don’t pay a fee, but it’s likely you’ll get a worse exchange rate.

In the past when I’ve been interviewed on it, I always told people to ask lots of providers, ‘How many euros/dollars/yen will you give me, after all fees, for my pounds?’ and go with the one that offered the most. Yet this solution lacks charm, and creates legwork, and I got so fed up with this I decided to build a web tool that just does it automatically! And after much work (thanks to the techies) I think we’ve cracked it.

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