All Stand For Jo Whiley; all sit for Jeremy Vine

I’ve started doing a regular half-hour slot on Radio 1 as part of Jo Whiley’s show. It’s a fab new venture as it’s a whole new generation and audience to get the MoneySaving message across to.

Yet the difference in the set-up between that and my regular Radio 2 hour on Vine is the studio arrangements. Jeremy and I sit opposite each other, which promotes a tone of cerebral matey banter. Yet walk in the Radio 1 studio and Jo is standing up. The first time I did it they offered me a seat, and it felt bizarre sitting, looking up at the presenter – so I said I’d stand. At that point a button is pressed and the desk electronically lifts upward to the right height. Standing up then promotes a slightly different psychology, it adds a certain frenetic pace to the show; more in keeping with Radio 1 (though I know many’d say the last thing I need is encouragement to speed up!)

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