A sparkle off the old block.

The MSG had a page in the Express today called “Stay chic on the cheap” all about how to be thrifty, but keep up with the Hollywood stars she interviews. It was quite a strange one to know she was writing, as it of course crosses over into my territory, so we decided I wouldn’t see it before it was published – as that’s the best way.

And there it was into today, with a gorgeous picture (well I would say that wouldn’t I), and some cool tips. I especially liked her cut-down designer notes on how Bourjois is made by Chanel; and L’Oreal is developed by the same people as Lancôme. This web-link should take you to it. Though it’s a different picture and the one in the paper looks much, much, much nicer, as here some, ut hmm, strange man’s ear is ruining it.

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