Why MSE Richard got 9 inches taller in a day.

Yesterday was a rather strange day at MSE Towers, for our Richard was suddenly much taller than expected. The first thing you need to understand is he’s a bit of an extreme sports nut, so we spend time listening to regaled stories of paragliding and helicopter skiing and other things that make the rest of us mere mortals blanche. Yet nothing to compete with yesterday…

Having roller-bladed miles through busy London streets to get to the Towers, he realised he hadn’t actually brought any other footwear to change into. So, rather than unleash his smelly socks, he spent the whole day traversing from desk to desk on wheels, resembling something out of Boogie Nights. Luckily while he wasn’t looking I managed to capture the following two pics of the absurdity on my phone!

MSE Richard: High Roller MSE Richard: High Roller

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