Riding round and round the Circle line in pursuit of a Money Diet.

Having just told the team at MSE Towers this story, they tell me I should blog it, so here goes. When I was writing the first edition of the Money Diet, the writing was fun, but the editing process was hellish. I finally got to a point where I simply couldn’t face going through it again to do a final tweak having been through with a fine tooth comb again and again (and again). Yet I knew I had to do one final read through before submitting it to the publisher.

Now at this point I realised that one of the times I truly do concentrate on editing a document is when sitting on the Tube; as there are no distractions (and it’s never wise to look at people). So during the middle of the day I headed to Notting Hill with just the fare in my pocket and no mobile (so I couldn’t change my mind) and got on the Circle line (for those who never venture to London, it is a track that just goes in one long Circle) and sat down to start work. A couple of hours later I arrived back at Notting Hill with a finished manuscript.

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