Off on holidays!!!!!

This is my last blog before disappearing for a break. And wow, am I tired enough to go. It’s been a rollercoaster since the start of the year, what with Council Tax Reclaiming and then Bank Charges Reclaiming coverage on top of all my broadcasting and newspaper commitments. I think I’ve rarely done less than a 70 hour week and I’m knackered! So I can’t wait to disappear away with the MSG and get some sun and some rest.

It’s quite interesting going away these days, as of course there’s still a whole team left in MSE Towers. Whereas in the past I used to have to pre-write the weekly email and keep it quite limited, now there’s no need to do that. I’ve finished all the main articles for the weekly email and I’ve been through the major stuff that’s going to come through (about nine main items). Yet all the other things, spotting the last minute deals and any top links from the forum, I’m going to leave in the trusty hands of my senior researchers – Jenny, Dan and Archna ably backed up by Lawrence and Wendy.

This isn’t easy for me, as capable as they are, I’m a control freak and love to make every decision, especially of anything to do with the website, which is my baby. Yet at some stage you have to let go. So while I will want to do a final read through of the email before it’s sent, for the first time I’m going to take a backseat. I must admit I’m very proud that I’ve managed to build such a talented team. When I set up the on my own in 2003; I would never have imagined that.

See you in a week (well I may pop in on occasion – the beauty of wireless broadband and a laptop!)

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