My days MoneySaving as a Panto Dame are sadly long gone…

Old memories were stirred this week… whilst rewriting the maximise your old Tessa cash article this week I couldn’t resist using my old ‘Mature Tessa’ character that I used to do on Simply Money TV as the picture to illustrate it.

Mature Tessa

Back then (2000-2001) I’d start and end each ‘Deal of the Day’ with what I think can be loosely termed a comedy money sketch, generally involving one of about 30 different characters I used to poorly act (Tessa was the only female one… don’t worry it wasn’t all me in drag!). I loved doing them, and it was a challenge to write, produce and perform a new one each day on top of the MoneySaving research.

Some worked really well, others died on their bum, but overall it was fun to do. Sadly I’ve now realised I think those days are long gone, as I’ve moved up the eschelons of TV, my reputation has become more serious and I don’t think it’s appropriate anymore for me to do the ‘dressing up’ . Luckily though I still have some tapes to remember them by.

And the following video, which is edited highlight of my ‘Comedy Capers’ is permanently placed in the site’s gallery. Ah well, they were the days.

“Martin’s Comedy Capers” video .

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