Bust-up on the telly over bank charges?

I’ve just been sent a link to the GM-TV website, where my appearance along side Angela Knight (boss of the British Bankers Association) on Bank Charges reclaiming seems to have made their clip of the week section called ‘Bank Charges Row: Martin Lewis goes head to head with the banks’. Angela Knight, who is an ex-Conservative cabinet minister, and I have appeared together on this a good few times before and it’s always rather polemic and adversarial.

While I’m a TV pro, I do get very involved in my subject, especially when I hear what I believe is corporate spin trying to override an issue; and having been through this now so many times with Angela, I find it very frustrating. There’s a political technique called “talking the issue out” which means if you know it’s a five minute interview, you talk for five minutes and don’t allow any questions.

I’ve seen this discussed as a bust up – I wouldn’t quite go that far, though I do wear my heart on my sleeves sometimes. I never particularly watch myself back like that, but if I didn’t get as involved in the subject I suppose I wouldn’t be doing what I do now.

As I’ve had so many comment on it, I suppose I should put a link in the blog. If you want to watch it, go to “Watch GM-TV” and then click “Bank Charges Row” at the moment the first thing you’ll see before the video is an advert for ‘stool softening’; I don’t know if someone’s trying to tell me something.

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PS. If the above link doesn’t work anymore, you may be able to get the video via this one