Bank charges reclaiming now so popular the templates are sold on eBay.

Should we cheer or growl? I’m happy reclaiming bank charges has become so widespread that money hungry profiteers on eBay are actually selling the templates on eBay. Yet I’m saddened those people consider this ethical. While I’ve no proof, the strong suspicion is the sellers didn’t draft the templates themselves or do the research involved, but simply copied those freely available from my Bank Charges Reclaiming article and/or other free activist sites..

Many people have e-mailed me to say “I think it’s disgusting, can’t you stop it?” Yet how? People are selling letters; they can subtly alter them so they’re not identical. In the past people have sold links to the Flightchecker on eBay, as well as other tools on this site. It’s the nature of the beast; my hope is people will learn to use web search or go for real recommendations rather than paying for something that shouldn’t be paid for.

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