Yes Prime Minister

Don’t worry I haven’t been tripping to number 10 for tea with Tony. I’ve just re-read the complete Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister books from the BBC TV series of the 80s. Frankly it is the most beautifully written, funny, insightful comedy. Yet it was also intuitive about today’s political system; some of the stories, based in the 80s, have now become real. Stories include ID cards, freedom of information and the environment, which all resemble the current politicial discussions. Better still was a prediction of the parental choice in education, where parents can choose within local authority boundaries where their children can go to school, at least ten years ahead of its time.

These books have so much resonance now, I heartily recommend it. Beautiful stuff. I perhaps preferred the Yes Minister book, though Yes Prime Minister is more predictive. To help here is the Book Brain results to find the cheapest: Yes Minister , Yes Prime Minister

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