Worth a beer?

I have to say this is one of the most bizarre e-mails I’ve received, after one MoneySaver read my Mortgage Fee Reclaiming Guide

I owe you a beer !!
Glancing through the latest e mail I noticed the item about mortgage charges and followed the link to the draft letter. I honestly did not even read nor really understand the content of it but having re-mortgaged over a year ago simply filled in the blanks, entered my old mortgage account number and posted the letter.
I’ve just opened the mail today and have a cheque for £100
and I still don’t know what the refund is for !!!!!!!!

Now of course I’ve mixed feelings, it’s great he got his cash back, though I would’ve preferred he understood why. Yet I suppose the important point is he was ripped off (remember unlike bank charges, even the regulator has said banks have sneakily overcharged) and he got his money back.

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