Should you let them take your credit card at a bar?

The MSG and I were having lunch out, at a nice bar near Little Venice, over the weekend. After ordering, I was asked to ‘give me the credit card’ (it’s a cashback card of course) so it could be held over lunch. I asked why and was told “some people tend to leave without paying.” I refused to do this. It’s interesting while many people are worried about giving cards over the internet, it’s letting someone I dont know take my card away that worries me. Actually at most reputable e-retailers you’re pretty safe (as long as you’re sure it is genuinely them).

It’s not very difficult for any Tom, Dick or Harry holding your card to simply write down all the numbers and the security code at the back. Card not present transactions account for one of the biggest fraud categories. This is why I refused. The waitress was a little taken aback and didn’t know what to do, as it broke their policy. So I simply suggested that I pay up front for our lunch (without the tip obviously).

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