£10 fare and £10 tip. I don’t think so.

Yesterday was one of those ‘need to be in seven places at the same time’ days. For one trip I had a mini-cab booked to take me from one place to another. When I checked the fare at the end of the journey, he told me it would cost £10; all I had on me was a £20 note. He looked, told me he had no change, and indicated I get out! So I pointed out I’d given him £20, to which his response was “I don’t have change” and then indicated that therefore the journey was over; he was going to take the £10 and that was it.

I must admit I was flabbergasted, he didn’t try and suggest getting change, didn’t even apologise for the mess we were both in or try and discuss any way of giving me my money back, he just thought I’d relinquish and leave. Obviously I didn’t; I took my £20 back, got him to drive me to the nearest cash machine where I took out a tenner, handed it to him and left.

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