Hello Cupcake!

I’ve just discovered one of the hidden (to me anyway) delights near where I live. Walking down Portobello road is the Humming Bird Bakery, a cupcake shop. The MSG took me there, and I was shocked to see a long queue trailing outside. Now I’m normally more of a chocolate than a cake man, so the appeal wasn’t huge; until I saw the massive selection and tried the ‘Red Velvet’ cupcake – apparently it’s famous. It’s made of red vanilla sponge with a hint of coco and then a cream cheese icing. The description doesn’t really conjure the taste well enough – frankly it was fabulous, and while at £1.75, not exactly bargain basement for a little sponge cake – the MSG wanted to treat me on a Sunday afternoon.

If you’re passing by that way (and it’s within your budget) well worth it.

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