Bravo HSBC! Top player for two products

It very rarely happens that one bank is top of the table for more than one product. Even more rarely that it’s one of the big high street banks. Yet bravo to HSBC – its got the top paying savings account (for those saving less than £5,000 who’ll rarely withdraw it see Top Savings Accounts) and its got the longest 0% balance transfer deal (see Best Balance Transfers).

This is good to see; HSBC is the UK bank with the biggest profits, in many ways this should mean it has the pockets available to draw in new customers with market leading offers, and it’s great to see it’s using it. Of course this doesn’t mean all its products are good, as I always say “just product by product never bank by bank, branding and loyalty has no place!”. Yet I hope this will be the first of many market leaders to come from HSBC. Bravo!

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