1,000,000 receiving the email…. now what?

On Saturday morning at 9.33am, the millionth person joined the site’s email list. It’s an incredible achievement and I’m slightly gobsmacked by it – it happened to also coincide with the site’s fourth birthday (read about how the site started). I can’t thank enough everyone who’s told people about the site.

I remember when we hit 100,000 (30 July 2004) that had always been my goal, but then I decided to think big and aim for a million. 1 million I always thought, meant the collective consumer impact of this site actually could start to challenge the resources and impact of corporate Britain. Well I think perhaps that was right, the campaigns for bank charges and council tax cashback both hit in their millions, 2.5 million people used the site in January and February is looking similar even though its a shorter month.

Yet, as I mentioned to the MSG on Saturday, I actually felt a little depressed, I’m now not sure what the target should be. I’m very numbers driven, as I’ve discussed in a past blog I am obsessed by looking at the email list graph. Now I don’t really know what to do. The next obvious target is 10,000,000 yet actually i believe that’s beyond the capacity of any website, as its simply too high a proportion of web adults. So what do I base it on next? Without a number to go for I’m slightly lost, stupid really as I should be over the moon, but slightly nerdy chap I am, I don’t know where to go next. Suggestions welcome

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