Women aren’t quite as scary

Following my earlier blog on the scary fight for equipment at Body Pump, I’ve now managed the class twice. Justin (my friend) and I have been, standing at the back, lifting and hoisting the weights to the beat. Two days after the first lesson, I must admit I did struggle to walk for a while, and even once that got better, going down steps was a little hassle. The second lesson wasn’t so bad; only the steps hurt!

Yet even within the class it’s still a bit intimidating. I’ve a huge respect for some of the class members who are half my body mass, lifting twice the weight. And it reminds me that my sister, who is an aerobics instructor, has just done a ‘Body Pump’ teachers’ course, and was the only person there to get the ‘distinction in teaching’. Even though she’s older, only 5’1”, she is using four times the weight I am. Respect!

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