Women are scary!

I’ve been going to the gym for over a year, now at least twice a week when I can (ps do read the £400 Gym loophole and Gym Cost Cutting articles) and one of my resolutions is to try going to classes. Thus I arranged to go with my mate Justin last night and try out a ‘Body Pump’ class. Sadly earlier in the day, he wimped out, leaving me going alone.

The class was first come first served; I turned up five minutes before hand to be met by a mass hoard, of mainly women, waiting. The doors opened and the scramble started. Lots of small sweaty bodies grasping for the weights bar needed for the class. There were four other men there, we stood back, the melee of nails and pulling and digging too much. Finally having got to the weights area, all the equipment was gone, and all the men trudged out. For me, it was back to the safety of the treadmill and weights. Not sure I’ll try again!

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