My past coming back to haunt me….

A friend e-mailed me my entry on IMDB, the movies database. I’m a bit shocked to discover I’ve an entry there, it’s supposed to list all your ‘performances’ and for me has the most bizarre list of things – I’ve no idea why some things are included and others aren’t.

Yet considerably more strange than most is that I have a filmography entry, “Reservoir Guide Dogs”. At first I thought it was a mistake, then I had a dreadful, dawning realisation…. at University, after I’d finished my sabbatical as President of the Students Union, I remember hanging about with a group, one of whom, Neil Andrews, wanted to make a film. So he wrote a script, an awful (sorry Neil) parody of Reservoir Dogs and we all abysmally acted in it. It was a farce in more ways than one; and I dread to think what lines in that script I actually said (I desperately hope it never comes to light) probably quite a few things that with age I’d regret. Yet the ‘wonder of the web’ means the history is recorded for all to see

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