Couldn’t sleep, so may as well do a TV programme!

It’s 7.20am, which regular readers of the blog will know isn’t a time I’m usually awake. I’m a night person. I’m sitting in my living room, with the ITV overnight team broadcast truck crew and the Ashes on the TV. Yesterday I got a call from GMTV asking if I’d go in to talk about the cost of mobile phones. They wanted a 6.45 and 8.10; yet since having returned from holiday, I’ve got some bug and have a throat that feels like I’ve been gargling glass shards. So I said I could go in for the later slot, but not the earlier one (it’d mean leaving home at 5.45).

Then, surprisingly they offered to send the truck, which is quite difficult to find an excuse to say no to and stay in bed. Hence here I am. I’ve already done the first interview and we’re waiting here. Annoyingly I couldn’t sleep last night (usual thing, worried about not waking up, finally got to sleep at 5.45, then ten minutes later the phone rang to say the crew were outside. So I got up, let them in, and went back to bed for 20 minutes. Then a shower and shave and back to the interview.

Afterwards, I went back to bed, where the MSG was still sleeping (sadly she’s feeling as ropey as I am), but it didn’t work, still couldn’t sleep. So back to the living room, to have breakfast and write this blog!

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