Why is it an LA fitness loophole not a LA fitness loophole?

As regular MoneySavers will know, my spelling and grammar is sadly appalling. So I was rather pleased today that I knew that it should be “an LA Fitness loophole” rather than “a LA Fitness loophole” (article coming very soon). This started debate here in MSE Towers as to why, after all LA starts with a consonant not a vowel.

I think I may’ve solved it using my Scrabble knowledge (the MSG and I love to play). As part of learning the two letter words in Scrabble, there are the spellings of all the letters. For example the letter N is spelt en, L is spelt el, F is spelt ef. Therefore if you are saying an acronym, and the first letter of it starts with a letter, who’s spelling starts with a vowel, it should be an ‘an’.

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