Show must go on. Isn’t it wonderful how make-up can cover up green?

I’ve just (stupidly) returned to the office after doing the Wright Stuff (on Five TV). Last night at about 11 I started to feel a little queasy, by 1am I was in bed shivering with cold, even though the house was warm; by 3am I was having to camp out with my duvet on the floor of the bathroom (I shall leave why to your imagination). At 6 I finally got some sleep until the alarm at 7.15.

Then it was into the TV studio. One of the problems with telly is you just can’t be sick; you can’t leave an empty chair. I realised later the right course of action would’ve been to call in at 5am, when the first of the production team arrive to see if they could find a replacement for the day’s panel; by 7 it’s too late.

So off I set to the studio. Thankfully the make-up artist (and she truly deserved that title today) was able to, in her words, ‘slap full foundation on today, as you’re so green normal powder just won’t do’. And off I trotted to the studio.

After part one I again had the shivers, and in the ad break asked them to bring me any hot drink to hold. Ann Diamond was lovely and having felt how cold my hands were rubbed them to keep going; until we started the next part and it’s back to the smiles and debates….

Now, stupidly I’m in the office and going to do some work; though my grandma and the MSG have both told me I should be at home. My plan is to stay for a couple of hours and get some urgent stuff done before going back to bed. I just hope my resolve holds…. it’s tough being a workaholic!

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