Having to forcibly remove MSE Andrea from the office

The wonderful MSE Andrea is pregnant and soon to go off on maternity leave. Yet she’s become a trouble maker. You see, sadly our Andrea loves her job a wee bit too much (not surprising really, she was a regular site user before becoming the first non-techie to come and help me with the site). Amongst many things, one of my problems with this is her chat forum login. She used to be plain old Andrea, but now she’s MSE Andrea.

Yet during her maternity leave I’ve said to her she can’t post in the forums as MSE Andrea, as people will think I’m some slave driver making her work within (knowing her) 12 minutes of giving birth. So she has to revert back to Andrea. Then there’s the sad glum face every time we talk about things that will happen in early 2007 – with a longing look of missing out.

Still, once there’s a little ba-by I suspect that will all change. Having said all that, while Andrea will miss us all in MSE Towers, she won’t miss us nearly as much as we’ll miss her!

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