I couldn’t help advertising on Vaginica!

Now I can’t say I’m proud of this, well that’s a lie, it’s making me smile at the thought this morning. Last night I watched the end of I’m a Celebrity, and on it they discussed the fact that David Gest claims his maid is called Vaginica Seamen (my guess at the spelling).

Now as I was working, while it was on (as always) my computer was on my lap, so I quickly googled the name. There was only one web reference, in a Chat Forum. It then struck me that other people must surely be doing a search too. So I decided to place an advert on the name on google, paying a penny a click. The text is as follows

Don’t search for Vaginica
David Guest can afford a maid
Save money and so can you!

I don’t know why I find that so funny. Yet sitting at my desk the next morning, I’m itching to get the ‘how many views and how many clicks’ stats!

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