Gu Puds Squashed!

Now some of you may know Gu Puds as the rather upmarket decadent pudding brand (see this) seen in the supermarket, but they have another, more sinister role. They dared challenge the MSE Towers team with overt bravado in a pool tournament.

You see Gu Puds also has an office in the complex where MSE Towers is based. At the centre of the complex is a bar/restaurant/coffee house where I actually do a lot of my writing (on the laptop, with the web turned off, with a coffee and some focus) which is running an inter-office pool tournament.

Both the MSE A Team (me and Webby) and the B Team (MSE Neil and MSE Dan) were drawn against teams from those pudding pretenders. And in the e-mail confirming the match, the pudsters finished with a “Thanks for letting us know when we can beat you,” I shan’t list my full reply but lets just say it included the dictionary definition of the phrase “being beaten” as ‘that’s not in my vocabulary.’

Thankfully Webby and I have just returned victorious and are into the second round, the Gu Puds bosses were left squirming in our wake. Gu puds, more like soggy biscuits.

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PS. They’re actually lovely people and very nicely sent a box of fantastic brownies over the other day, but I’m never one to let that get in the way of my competitive streak.