750,000 thank yous and a tiny tiny wee confession

Today we hit 750,000 people who’ve opted to receive the weekly e-mail. Three quarters of a million people, it really is quite staggering. The site is now a healthy three and a half year old and I can’t believe how big and bonny it is. Thanks to all MoneySavers who’ve recommended it to friends and family.

I’m afraid I have a tiny wee confession to make though. While 750,000 people have opted to get the e-mail, it’s only actually sent to 683,000. About six months ago we started the first ‘clearing up the list’ process; so that every e-mail address that bounced three times in a row was wiped from the list. The first chunk took about 50,000 out. The reason for doing this is simple, it currently takes 14 hours to send the whole email – so the more ‘duds’ we can take out – the quicker it sends and the more efficient server use it is.

This left me with a dilemma; ever since the site started I’ve kept people up-to-date with how many are on the list and how the site’s grown – so to suddenly be 50,000 short is a problem.

Thus I came up with the official number which is ‘how many people have opted to get the e-mail and not unsubscribed from the list’ and currently stands at 750,000. Yet there is also the actual number of e-mails sent out, which is now about 67,000 less. So I admit it, but don’t tell anyone (sssssh).

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