Want to see the new MoneySavingExpert.com? Want to help?

Over the last few months the re-design of the site has come on a long way (see the last incarnation). So much so, we’re getting close to the final look so I wanted to give all MoneySavers a quick preview.

The new home page
(click to view full size)

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry, the image you will see when you click is smaller than actual size!

A little bit more info

  • Ignore the words. We haven’t finalised the wording of the text on the page yet, this is far more about the structure, look and layout, plus Darren the Designer has had fun creating a few of his own ‘noticeboard’ items so ignore those too!
  • A few more tweaks are due. The rest of the site will follow a more familiar pattern. The section tabs on the top will be smaller and there will be a sub-navigation menu underneath. On the right-hand side there will be the ’email tip’ note and below that a list of tools and suggested articles to browse.
  • There will be new sub-menu pages. When you click a section, e.g. Travel and Transport, the menu will be split into two or three sub-menus. In this example it will be a ‘travel’ and (surprisingly) a ‘transport’.
  • The forum look will be sharpened. At this stage the forum look won’t change too much. It will be fitted into the new overall look of the site, but the actual forum bit won’t change too much (there are only a few minor things planned).
  • Want to help?

    For the next stage of the re-design I really want to get together some volunteer testers – people who want to play and look at the new site once the test version is ready. We really want a mix of people – regular users, forumites, newbies and especially users with disabilities which impact web-surfing (e.g. do you use a site reader?)

    If you’re interested in helping out (it should be fun) please can you email iwannahelp@moneysavingexpert.com and let us know how long you’ve been using the site, what you usually do on the site, whether you have a relevant disability and are you a techie or not?

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