The Day I Met Mick Jagger

Clearing out a cupboard recently, I happened upon an old photo of the day I went to Wembley to present Mick Jagger with the Honorary Presidency of the LSE (London School of Economics) Students’ Union. It brought back memories so I called the LSE and asked if it had a copy of the article I wrote for their Annual Review on the meeting. Luckily they did, and have kindly given me the permission to republish it here – so I thought I’d drop it in the blog.

The Background

I was the General Secretary (equivalent to President anywhere else) of the LSE SU. The Honorary Presidency is a title voted for by students each year and was at the time quite well renowned. The reason for its notability was the hugely contentious election of Winston Silcott who’d been in prison for murder and had been elected Honorary President in 1990 (he was acquitted of three murders the next year and the reason for his election had been to highlight the injustice of his conviction, see Wikipedia entry).

In each subsequent year, the election therefore managed to get media coverage, much to the excitement of some of us, and this year was no exception. It was one of my first experiences of giving quotes for national newspapers. The LSE had been attempting to contact Mick Jagger for a number of years, but until this point hadn’t been successful – as this was a Students Union rather than a student event, he was more willing.

So on to the piece at the time – click below – and I must apologise for my writing style back then……