No, I’m not like that all the time!!!!!

While no one ever asks me the question, the poor MSG is constantly asked “is he like that all the time, so hyper and energetic, how do you cope?” And I’ve just read a similar comment from MoneySaver Pavlov’s Dog in the forum “I must admit, I really enjoy watching the money muttering, as well as being entertained by how scarily animated martin is (the MSG must have some energy to keep up with you, does she even get a word in edgeways) and the things on the desk/wall, it brings the advice to life.

So let me explain. I love what I do. I am deeply passionate about it. And I get excited when I’m putting the message across. Then again, when I am broadcasting whilst it isn’t false, I do deliberately go for it, in an unabashed way. My subject area is one that has been traditionally thought of as ‘boring’ and I decided a long time ago that to get others interested in it it’s important to show how much I enjoy it – and how enjoyable taking companies on can be. In many ways as a money chap you can either be an ‘old sage’ or a ‘whiz-kid’ well I started appearing on TV doing this at the age of 27 – and I talk very fast anyway – so whiz kid it was.

Yet when I’m in MSE Towers, or at home, most of the time I’m not talking. Often I’m quite serious, occasionally even slow and pondering, yet get me on my subject and whey hey hey hey….. it’s MoneySaving time!

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