Martin Lewes, Money Saving Expert

I was playing with Google paid listings, doing a few experiments at very low ‘cost per click’. One of the phrases was Martin Lewes as opposed to Martin Lewis and I was shocked to find yesterday it was searched 1100 times and that 740 of those who searched it clicked the listing (at a penny a click).

This is over 60% of people searching, a massive percentage, so it’s pretty plain they’re searching for me (I was on LK Today yesterday). I’d never thought so many people may spell my name like that and I’m now wondering how else people spell it wrong.

The other problem is that in the ‘non-paid’ searches this site doesn’t appear for Martin Lewes, that’s the reason I originally tried a paid search. So another reason I wanted to write this blog is it means it says Martin Lewes somewhere on the site and may get in the search rankings (ok it’s sneaky), naturally so I needn’t pay and it’ll get people to the site. (If you’ve come from Google, then the place to start is

So for the same reason I should probably end by saying Martin Lewes,,, Martin, Martin, Marten Lewis, Morten Lewis, Mark Lewis, Martin Louis and Martin Louise…

Any more?

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