A smooth-voiced addition to the Muttering

Each week the e-mail is accompanied by ‘Martin’s Money Mutterings’, my audio and video commentary on the event. This week I was speaking to my mate Graham Rogers , who as well as presenting Classic Gold radio in the mornings (and I do a quick hit on there every Thursday at 10.15am) is also the voice of ITV1.

In other words Graham is the continuity man you hear, usually at prime time, announcing the shows. Plus he’s the man at the Royal Variety Show who tells you who’s hand the Queen is shaking. Though contrary to popular belief, he was never our Graham from Cilla Black’s Blind Date. I’m sure you can guess from the title where this is going…. I cheekily asked him if ,as a favour, he’d do a few intros for the mutterings (audio only) and he’s very kindly obliged. There are three. I thought you might like to hear them – I suspect you’ll recognise his voice.

Listen to the audio

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