The Hoff wants m’woman!

I never thought I’d write such words, but it’s true. I received a text from the MSG the other day, who as she was interviewing The Hoff about his new film for Five News, had been given strict instructions to tell me everything. Her text included, “The Hoff thought I was hot and was very disappointed to hear about you, xx”.

Of course I decided this gave me ultimate bragging rights… sadly though the MSG revealed perhaps it isn’t the greatest compliment (and anyway he can’t have her!)

Let me relay the story. She walked in to the interview room and immediately the Hoff said, “Wow are you the interviewer? Finally a good looking reporter!” Then as she sat down, he said, “You must be married? Engaged?” he then looked at her hand, saw no ring and said, “or got a boyfriend?

At which point (thankfully) the MSG replied, “Yes, I have a boyfriend!” Then it was on with the interview, as normal.

Now before you think this is conceited of the MSG, the key point of why I’m relaying this (apart from bragging) is what happened next. During the interview she asked him, “I hear that you’re looking for an English girlfriend?” as it’d been reported in the papers last week, to which he replied, “I’m looking for anyone…. English, Irish, Iranian, I don’t care…. anyone!”

It seems perhaps my “The Hoff wants m’woman!” cry is not quite so unique!

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