Me and My Minder: Step out of the way please!

There are always hoards of people waiting as I leave the LK Today studio; not for me, but queuing to see the Sharon Osborne Show be recorded. Walking the 100 metre gauntlet to the car (TV companies always send cars, so the producers needn’t worry that you won’t make it) is always strangely worrying as many cry “who’s he?” to be answered a few seconds later with “ah… it’s nobody”

Today as I left, I had a quick joke about it with the regular guy on security. Standing next to him, towering above us both, was a huge chap in a black suit who, with a big smile, said “Hi money man, always watch your programmes they’re great – tell you what I’ll walk you down to the car.” So as we were walking and chatting I asked him “so what do you do here????, thinking he was part of the GM-TV security team, but his reply was “I’m Sharon’s minder”!

Maybe next week I’ll hold my jacket over my head and run to the car, to see if it gets the crowd thinking I’m Robbie and screaming!

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