I’ve got a parcel for Mary Poppins…

“I’ve got a parcel for Mary Poppins?”….. muffled response…. “Oh sorry you’re Mama Mia, no problem.” I overheard this conversation today and just had to share it!

Anyway, as you may have noticed, (as noted in my previous blog) I was at Mama Mia the musical filming for the One Show. It’s all about a piece on the Credit Card Shuffle. Now I love to dance, but I’ve never danced on a West End stage before (or any for that matter) … and it was an absolute nightmare.

My problem was due to the ‘rake’. This is a new word for me. It seems stages are built with a slope on them to help the audience see the show; it was probably an incline of about 10%. It totally messes up your balance, puts a huge strain on the body and throws you off kilter. So if my nerves about dancing on the telly weren’t bad enough – this certainly stepped it up a level.

In the end I was slightly disappointed as I don’t think I danced as well as I can… I just hope it comes out OK next Thursday.

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