What would you put on the toss of a coin?

This week’s site vote sparked a lot of conversation in the office. The question is simple: on the toss of a coin, what odds would you need to be given to gamble a month’s salary?

MSE Darren (our designer) was in the office for the day, and he, like most, said he wouldn’t gamble a month’s salary whatever the odds. Then I put to him ‘okay, say I said we toss the coin and if you lost you’d give me £100, if you won you’d get £5,000’ i.e. odds of 50-1 (don’t worry I wasn’t serious with the offer). Unlike the rest of the office he said he wouldn’t do it.

Then just for fun, we tossed the coin. He called tails, it landed on my hand – and it was heads. At the result Darren jumped up and shouted “yesss, winner!”

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