Some days I hate my job

Got up at 6am. Travelled four hours to a small town near Burnley. Met a family for a Tonight with Trevor programme on debt – meant to be there to do a makeover. Lovely couple, three wonderful little children. Went through their finances. Realised there was not much I could do – they already had a Debt Management Plan from one of the non-profit debt help agencies (the CCCS) and yet had still continued to run up many more debts afterwards. Very firmly told them if they didn’t immediately change they were risking their home and the roof over their children’s head. Saw look of shock, fear and horror on their faces. Brought in a counsellor to talk to them about continuous spending. Know I did the right thing, but left feeling sick. I hate it when all I have to give is the glare of a harsh mirror rather than practical help. It’s 9.30pm am about to arrive back at Euston Station.

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