My Last Guardian Column this Saturday…..

Sadly my weekly column on the back page of Saturday Guardian’s Money section comes to an end this week. The section is having its page number reduced, which means there’s no longer any space for me. It’s a shame as the Saturday Guardian Money is one of my favourites amongst the personal finance press.

I’m in two minds as to whether to try and find myself another column. Working on the site and my broadcasting keeps me double-full time anyway – and the commitments are racked up at the moment.

Having said that – I’ve been a national newspaper columnist for five years (the Sunday Express prior to the Guardian) and there’s a certain kudos which is important for helping establish and cement my reputation. Also being in a newspaper helps reach a different audience, and it’s probably no surprise that I see it as a weapon in my mission to preach the gospel of MoneySaving to as wide an audience as possible.

Either way, I must admit to being sorry to lose the Guardian page. These things happen, and the Personal Finance editor is quite rightly protecting the jobs of his full time staff, but for me, it’s a wee shame to see the end of this mini-era.

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