Move over Martyn Lewis, uh oh here comes yet another bigger, badder Martin Lewis

Finally after years of doing my job, less and less BBC/ITV drivers arrive looking disappointed and saying “I thought it’d be the Martin (meaning Martyn) Lewis from the telly”. Now it’s coming from elsewhere… the US-based humorist Martin Lewis.

I’ve known about him for a while as he owns, which on its front page says in big, bold writing “This Website Contains Gratuitous Sex, Blasphemous Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Violence etc”, which doesn’t exactly fit what I do! Sadly (for me) when I asked if he’d be willing to sell the website a couple of years ago he declined – no problem he got there first.

Now, a few site users have e-mailed to let me know that he’s been given priority on the universal web encyclopaedia Wikipedia. In other words if you search for Martin Lewis it goes straight to him, rather than to me or any of the other Martin Lewis’ who have entries in there. This is a wee bit strange as Wikipedia is an ‘anyone can alter it, community encyclopaedia’ yet it seems, at first glance anyway, being known in the US takes priority.

Shame…. just when I thought I was making it somewhere in the Martin Lewis world…

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