I’m officially faster than Colin Jackson…

I’m an athletics fan, so walking into The One Show green room to see Colin Jackson today was great – I felt like quoting back some of his best times to him, but decided that probably wasn’t such a cool thing to do!

Still, we were having a good laugh about cheap calls, living in Cardiff and shirt colours with some of the One Show team, so little did I suspect the day would turn into a seriously competitive race between the two of us.

After chatting in the green room it was time to be taken down to the studio (or greenhouse, as it’s a tiny little glassed off box at Birmingham’s Mail Box shopping centre).

And they’re under starter’s orders

As there wasn’t enough room in the lift for everyone we split into two groups.

It was neck and neck

Colin was in one lift I was in the other, both doors closed simultaneously, there was nothing in it. Then my lift started to descend, I urged it on (really I did, the production team member escorting me and I both had the same idea, let’s beat Colin Jackson!) Don’t stop, don’t stop, head down, towards the tape. The hurdles came thick and fast, at each floor there was the panic that someone may try to get in and slow us down, yet thankfully we cleared every one.

It was all about the finish…

Finally like music to my ears, the digital voice said “doors opening” and I leant forward, chest pushing through the doors as they parted…. Looking left I saw Colin a good step behind…. and then I was in the corridor, first, a winner, the fastest, GOLD!

OK, I know it’s only a wee victory, but it meant a lot to me. To be honest I’m not entirely convinced he knew he was in a race until I told him afterwards (really I did!) He was very sporting about it, obviously knows when he’s beaten by the better athlete I’m sure!

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