I rarely swear at people…. but….

Now my language isn’t bad, like most I use the odd profanity when something happens, but nothing too awful. One thing I never do though is swear AT people. I think it’s horrible and nasty. Yet this morning that’s exactly what I did.

I’m signed up to the Telephone Preference Service so I don’t get any junk marketing calls (see Stop Junk Mail, Faxes, Calls article) and this morning I got a call, from someone on a bad quality phone line (sounded like a cheap overseas line through internet telephony) from a man with a strong Indian accent. Let me run through (a slightly shortened version) of the conversation.

Caller: “I’d like to talk to you about your mobile phone.”

Instantly I was on the defensive and asked him, “Which phone is that then?”

Caller: “Your mobile.”

This confirmed it was one of those spam calls where they attempt to flog you something. My reply was “Look I don’t appreciate this call, I’m registered so I don’t receive marketing calls and I would like you to remove me from your calls list.”

Caller: “Sorry sir I can’t do that, we don’t remove people from our lists.”

So I tried again, “You don’t have permission to call me. I want to know that I will never receive calls from your company again. I do not appreciate being sold to. I do not appreciate your call.”

Caller: “We cannot do that Sir, we will keep calling.”

So I decided it was time for drastic measures and resorted to something I’d never normally do. “I want to make sure you never call again, so hopefully this will put me on your abusive recipients list so you won’t call again. I want you to f… off, you are an annoying ……..”

Well lets just leave it there. You can use your imagination as to what I said. I’m not particularly proud of it, I realise the poor chap was doing his job and is probably just a pawn in the works, doing what he’s told by some nasty scamster raking in the cash. However sometimes I think it’s necessary. Not sure what you’ll think?

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