Fat Happens?

Just had coffee with Anne Diamond. We met as panellists on The Wright Stuff a few months ago. She’s just set up a new website Fat Happens and I agreed we’d meet up to have a coffee to see if I can give any pointers.

Rather strange to think of this site as a ‘model’ for how to do things, yet actually she’s not the first person on TV to say that to me. It’s rather flattering actually. The difference I suppose though is that Anne is much better known than me, and known for being a TV presenter, whereas what I’m known for is the same as this site’s content.

What I was really impressed with is the fact the site is free and has no ads, a little like this one, though of course she may change that in the future. It was quite fun to meet someone with the same ‘evangelical zeal’ for their subject as I have for mine. I think ever since Celebrity Fit Club (and perhaps before), she’s had a bee in her bonnet about the way weight, size and fitness are manipulated and the Web is the perfect way to target that.

It’ll be interesting to see how the site develops – it’s very new, but her presence should be enough to see a real community build. I shall watch that space with interest.

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